A Conversation, Online

[17:36] Moi: Ok, something just crawled across my kitchen floor. I don’t have my glasses on, so I don’t know what. And I don’t want to get up and find out what.
[17:36] HB: it’s a rat or a mouse >__
[17:36] Moi: No, it’s an insect of some kind.
[17:36] HB: * >__<

Radio DJ: Unless it’s crawling towards you, I wouldn’t worry about it, [Mary Sue]. What are you gonna do?

[17:36] Moi: A BIG insect.
[17:36] HB: oh
[17:36] Moi: What am I going to do? Scream like a girl, probably
[17:36] Moi: Besides, Bunny, we already know my apartment has mice
[17:37] HB: oh, I didn’t know that ahaha
[17:37] Moi: I’m training them to gold farm

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2 Responses to A Conversation, Online

  1. If it was one of these guys, they are your insectivorous friends.

    (which I know because, after I screamed like a girl at mine, I immediately went to google)

    • Mary Sue says:

      Oh, dear. I think that’s what it is. Which means there’s enough OTHER bugs to host a population of THIS UGLY BUG (’cause I saw another one in my bedroom later that evening).

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