I have to share this recipe.

I found this recipe for something called Yummy Sauce when wandering the series of tubes we call the “Internet”. It’s kind of a thinned-out hummus, with almonds instead of tahini and nutritional yeast. The recipe sat in my bookmarks file for a while, and last night I decided I was going to whip up a batch sans curry powder (mental note: put curry powder on the grocery list) and use it as an accent for my rice and bean bowl.

It was okay, a little heavy on the nutritional yeast flavor. I had only poured it on a small part of the rice, in case I didn’t like it. I ate that part, then dug into the rest of the rice and beans.

And after three bites, I got up and poured more of the Yummy Sauce on my rice and beans.

Today, I’ve had it with rice for lunch and as a salad dressing with dinner. It’s mellowed as it rested overnight in the fridge and has, if anything, gotten tastier.

Now I have to figure out a container to put some of it in to take to work.

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