Now, where did I put my tiara?

There’s this big survey thingie going on at work that is optional, but they want high turnout for.

Thus, the brilliant idea to have a Survey Champion, who will answer any questions and encourage participation amongst their cow orkers. The position was announced at a staff meeting, and people asked the usual questions, such as, “What do we get? Can we have a crown or a tiara? And a sash?”

Okay, I stipulate these are the usual questions from MY cow orkers. Your cow orkers may have other questions.

And of course, no one actually volunteered. So I was informed that, thanks to me opening my big fat mouth about having worked in market research*, I’m now the Survey Champion.

I told my boss, “You do know I am totally going to have a sash and a tiara.”

He was okay with that.

Mwahahaaa. I’m thinking satin and sequins.

*Considering that the last time I counted in 2007, I’ve performed 78 distinct jobs in 51 different industries, you can say I’ve come pretty close to doing it all.

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One Response to Now, where did I put my tiara?

  1. KAte says:

    Man I wish I could have some cow orkers. Sigh, your job seems so much more exciting than mine.

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