No More Freakin’ Excuses: How to Cook Rice

Seriously, next person who tells me they can’t cook rice gets walloped with this blog post.

1) Choose some rice. Brown, white, jasmine, whatevs.

2) Choose a saucepan. One cup of dry rice will become about four cups of cooked rice, so make sure it’s big enough to contain all your lovely cooked rice.

3) Put rice in saucepan. Now, here’s secret number 1– put your thumbtip just barely touching the top layer of rice. Fill the pot of water until it reaches the crease on the palmside of your thumb. That is the perfect amount of water.

4) Put saucepan of rice and water on the stove. Turn heat to gas mark 2/medium low. Put lid on the pot. Set timer for 20 minutes. Time for secret number 2– Only lift the lid if it’s boiling over. No peeking, no stirring.

5) When the timer goes off, now you pop the lid and give the whole thing a nice little stir. Then, turn off the heat, put the lid back on, and wait at least 10 more minutes. The rice continues to cook now, and gets rather fluffy. Yes, even brown rice.

6) PROFIT! Nom.

7) When you are done, immediately refrigerate all uneaten rice or suffer some really freakin’ awful food poisoning.

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One Response to No More Freakin’ Excuses: How to Cook Rice

  1. Padre Mickey says:

    Or, buy a rice cooker. It’s easy!
    I, however, keep four different styles of rice in the house and cook each kind to perfection.

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