My Oscar Nomination Comments:

Actor in a Leading Role:
I’ve seen none of the films.

Actor in a Supporting Role:
I saw Inglorious Basterds!

Actress in a Leading Role:
I’ve seen none of the films.

Actress in a Supporting Role:
I saw Nine! Erm, actually, it has been brought to my attention I saw a DIFFERENT film called ‘9’.

Animated Feature Film:
OOH! This is a BIG category! I’ve seen Coraline *and* Up!

Art Direction:
I’ve seen Sherlock Holmes!

Inglorious Basterds! YAY! Did I mention I loved that little piece of fantasy violence?

Costume Design:
Seen Nine. They started giving out costume design for animated films about rag dolls? Oh, wait, that’s 9, not Nine. My bad.


Documentary (Feature):

Documentary (Short Subject):
Zzzzzzzzzz…. Huh? Whuzzat?

Film Editing:
Inglorious Basterds! And District 9.

Foreign Language Film:
No me mire nada de este peliculas.


Music (Original Score):
Sherlock Holmes and Up. I think that Sherlock Holmes deserves it, the varying violin bits in the score accentuating when Holmes is thinking is excellent.

Music (Original Song):
I got nothin’.

Best Picture:
Ten films nominated this year, and I’ve seen three. I really hope Up wins, but I think it’s too fluffy. Oscar voters like the movies that are depressing.

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One Response to My Oscar Nomination Comments:

  1. Vallie says:

    Up was depressing. I cried at least four times the first time I saw it, and nearly non-stop the second time. Elijah sat next to me and kept patting my hand.

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