Yeah, so, I pick up the keys tonight

And therefore won’t be around too much for, oh, the next week or so.

However, I must share my joy.

Not just about the apartment, oh, no. See, after working at Big Ol’ Hospital for four years, our department has finally gotten authorization to use some of our budget to buy coffee.

No more out-of-pocket for coffee! No more arguing over whose turn it is to buy grounds! No more snaking filters from other floors and folding them to fit into our tiny 12 cup coffeemaker!

Of course, the industrial-style pump carafe that we got is confounding some people. A coworker found this really applicable video and sent it around as a training link.

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One Response to Yeah, so, I pick up the keys tonight

  1. KAte says:

    Who’s in charge of buying the beans? And did they give you enough to get the good stuff?

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