Shiny Things I Found 1-19

+ Protip: when moving, pack books in doubled paper grocery bags. You can usually fit about 25 paperbacks into a paper bag, and that keeps you from shoving 60 in a box and throwing out your back when lifting it.

+ The Five Stages of Publishing. So true.

+ I’m addicted to index cards. That’s why the publication of Nabokov’s last novel fascinates me, since it’s really nothing but a pile of index cards.

+ I’m late to this, but here’s Improv Everywhere bringing a 13 person bell choir to ring for the Salvation Army.

+Build your own robot girl! Directions from a 1950s era book. HT BoingBoing.

+ This sign should probably hang around my neck. Although I might just hang it in the bathroom.

+ For USAdians, have you checked your W4 witholdings for the year?

+ Discussion of a sweet whose recipe is 300 years old, and looks like a plum blossom covered in snow Via Tastespotting.

+Cleolinda explains that celebrities don’t find stalking sexy, even if you say it’s a joke. For people who aren’t fen, Cleo breaks it down for you.

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