Shiny things I found 1-16 thru 1-18

Three day weekend, and I’m celebrating the life and witness of the prophet Martin Luther King, Jr. (commemorated with the saints in my religion, no, really, look it up) by packing to move. I don’t actually have a place to move to, but hope springs eternal.

So, let’s see what we’ve got:

–From Amy Berg’s Twitter, David Tennant and the Proclaimers, singing “500 Miles”. It appears to be the kind of video where the three men happened to be in the same place at the same time. The best part is the point where David Tennant’s face goes, “OMG I can’t believe I’m actually DOING this, it is so COOL!”

–And I thought I was up early: Chris Guillbeau writes the blog The Art of Nonconformity, which I started reading for the travelogs and kept reading because he has good things to say. Just as I was compiling this post, he flipped the switch and launched The $100 Business Forum, where he plans on helping 150 people launch their own businesses on a small budget. I’m not interested in starting my own business at the moment (gotta pack! Gotta MOVE!) but I’m sure there’s a couple of you hanging around out there in the Internet who have been looking for this kind of boot to the behind.

–I studied Ancient History and Egyptology at Chico State for three wonderful semesters under Dr. Clifford E. Minor, so the outraged tone of this Speigel Online article comes off to me as over the top. Of course Howard Carter filched antiquities from King Tutkenhamen’s tomb, pretty much all of the archaeologists of the day did similar things. HT to The Daily Grail for the heads-up.

–In the 1890s, Agnes Richter spent her days in an insane asylum embroidering details of her life on her jacket.

–In trying to remember Dr. Minor’s first name, Google threw up this wonderful article by him entitled, Teaching Ancient History. My first class with him was via the somewhat arbitrary general studies requirement Russian roulette of what-do-I-need and what’s-being-offered-right-now, but when I was a senior and had all these electives to fill up, I elected to take his classes. His Ancient Mysteries class taught me more about evaluating evidence and weighing sources than any science or rhetoric class in my 18 years of schooling. It’s a skill I’ve applied to everything from my religious beliefs to shampoo commercials.

–The article The Sexing of Judaisim’s Founders brings up a question I often ask myself, but I rarely hear echoed back from any corner, let alone a traditional, Orthodox Jewish corner. Namely, the question “Why do we insist on dividing heroes by gender? Why should little girls be asked to emulate the good qualities of great women, not great men? Why should little boys be asked to emulate the good qualities of great men, not great women? Should we not ask our children (and our selves) to emulate good qualities of great people, no matter what their gender?” The Rebbetzin’s Husband, being a rabbi and all, well, when he asks it, it has a slightly different implication than when I, the Christian queer layperson asks it. But it’s still a good question, nu?

–And if you got this far, well, you deserve a cookie recipe.

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  1. Poverty Dieter says:

    Love that song!

  2. Thanks for the link, and glad you found something to interest you in my thoughts.

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