Shiny Things I Found on 1-15-10

+ Molecular knitting charts that double as cross stitch charts. Of course, the creator has to be awesome, she’s a Loather, too.

+ I thought the article at BoingBoing about the statistical increase in rich people dying right before estate taxes increase and what that might mean in the US in the last few months of 2010, was pretty chilling. But then I made the misteak of reading some of the comments. Brrr. People are ruthless, yo.

+ The movie filmed at Big Ol’ Hospital comes out next week. No, they didn’t film any of it in my warehouse. No, I didn’t see any movie stars. No, I had nothing to do with the movie.

+ Chris Sims is one of my favorite comic book bloggers out there. My respect for him rose exponentially when he took on the daunting task of reviewing and recapping the Anita Blake comic books. Now, I did go through a phase where I read the Anita Blake novels about half a dozen times. I wanted to like the short, chubby, half-Mexican, gun-totin’ necromancer, not just because she reminded me of myself. But then along about book six, she started taking on another aspect of myself, namely, well, my name. Girl went and became a Mary Sue, and not the awesome Mary Sue like me, but one who pretty much defines the madonna/whore dynamic with side orders of sociopath and emo. This is a long winded way of saying Chris opened up this week’s comics rundown with Anita Blake getting kicked in the face, and it made me happy.

+ io9 headline: Michael Bay: Transformers 3 Will Have Fewer Explosions, More Robot Introspection. SCREW THAT! We want the ‘splody!

+ I spent a little time last night with some of my imaginary friends* making fun of Na’vi Otherkin, which is too easy for words. If you have no idea what an Otherkin is, DO NOT GOOGLE IT, because Lord Almighty, I could have gone my whole life without knowing about them but my friends are MEAN.

+ Holy wowsers. A UN panel has determined that the Guatemalan lawyer who accused the president of Guatemala of murder actually hired hit men to kill himself.

+ Gratuitous David Tennant LoLpicture!
david tennant
see more Lol Celebs

+ I’m always surprised when people in Portland don’t know about The ReBuilding Center. If you own a home or have an apartment, or are an artist or own an Etsy store selling steampunk, you need to visit frequently.

*Everyone on the Internet is my imaginary friend!

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  1. Sorcha says:

    The Na’vi otherkin made it to Fandom Wank. I had to explain to my husband what otherkin are; he was very confused.

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