Shiny Things I Found On 1-14-10

I’m going to try this format out, probably until I get distracted by something else.

+ What happens when an 09 Chevy hits a 1959 Chevy? BIG CRASHY!

HT to BoingBoing.

+ One of the strangest things in my adult life is the fact that I enjoy– nay, crave cabbage. Cooked, raw, nibbling on a leaf while I contemplate what else I might eat. I saw the cutest little baby cabbage at Fred Meyer on Tuesday, too, it fit perfectly in my hand. I had to put him down for one of his larger cousins, though, ’cause he was like, barely enough for a snack let alone the extreme amounts of cabbage I crave. Having wasted your time talking about cabbage, this is what’s for dinner tonight.

+ How awesome is a recipe for cheese bread that’s almost two milennia old? Totally freakin’ awesome, yo. Also? Someone needs to buy me that cookbook. I have a feeling that someone’s named ‘Mary Sue’…

+ Via the always intruiging and often surprising Book of Joe, I’ve learned of Ibraheem Youssef, who does some wonderful tribute posters to movies and TV shows.

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  1. kellig says:

    hi mary sue! i m jumping over from mile73, heathers blog. i just read your comment about a sitting space and pillows, and i thought i would throw in my tow cents. the absolutely most comfortable and versatile “couch” i ever had was a twin bed with, like, 20 pillows on it. The only drawback is that it has to be against a wall. It was awesome!! I used it for 5 years before I gave it up and have a real couch. It is perfect for sitting and especially for reclining; to read, to watch some TV, to stare out the window and look at the clouds. awesome.

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