3D Disaster

Both my parents wore glasses, and these pieces of cardboard with squares of red and blue cellophane didn’t look much like the ones that they were always sending me upstairs to fetch.

I put them on, ready to be amazed at the lifelike 3D action.

Nothing. Except the world was red/blue/blurry.

Then came the 3D pictures. People spent hours staring at them, amazed at how the pictures magically appeared from out of the dots.

There was a poster of one in a classroom, and I spent most of a semester staring at it, trying all the tricks. I still to this day maintain it was some form of mass hypnosis, because all I ever saw were dots.

Now, there’s real3d, and polarized glasses (which are old hat to those of us who spent hours watching Captain EO while our family went on Space Mountain [because we are roller coaster chickens]), but the movie’s blurry with the glasses on and it’s blurry with the glasses off.

3D doesn’t work for me. And now, every movie’s in 3D.

It kind of sucks.

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One Response to 3D Disaster

  1. dotty says:

    I feel your pain buddy, it doesnt work for me either.

    But the kicker is, i`m a projectionist in a cinema, my job is on the line because of this crap.

    Death to 3D

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