Christmas Creep, or Your Liturgy Lesson For The Day

I’ve been horribly sick the last four days (not the ‘flu, but some equally devastating upper respiratory infection), so I’m just now catching up on a backlog of blogs.

And a lot of them are running “12 Days of Christmas” specials.

Which is making my head hurt, because I keep banging it on my desk.

Here’s the deal, people. According to the Liturgical Calendar, the one that runs liturgical churches (i.e., has a set playlist for every week, unlike nonliturgical churches which are more like hitting shuffle), we are in the Advent season. Advent is a penitential time, and is in fact referred to by Eastern Orthodox churches as ‘Little Lent’. I had a preacher once refer to it as a ‘time of longing’, which has also stuck with me as being true.

The Christmas season begins on Dec. 25th, and runs until January 5th. Which, as those of you who are good at math have now figured out, is 12 days.

That’s right. The 12 Days of Christmas don’t start until AFTER CHRISTMAS. Talk about Christmas creep! You’re starting way too early! KNOCK IT OFF! It’s driving me mad!

(Advanced class: There is a series of seven antiphons (or responses) used in my tradition for the Magnificat on the seven days prior to Christmas Eve called the ‘O Antiphons‘, which most people are familiar with as they were adapted in reverse order to the traditional hymn “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”.)

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2 Responses to Christmas Creep, or Your Liturgy Lesson For The Day

  1. This is hitting me all of a sudden- it’s like I’ve had an Epiphany!! 😉

  2. Padre Mickey says:

    I don’t think Advent is penitential; we still say “alleluia.”

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