Holiday Ale Festival, or the problem with being a smartypants

So, the Holiday Ale Festival opened today. And I, being the smartypants I am, thought, “Hey! Even though they’ve hiked the price from $35 to $45 this year for the Beer Brunch, I had a helluva lot of fun last year and I will go to the Beer Brunch on Sunday again!” And then I pat myself on the back and make plans to not be a moron like last year and drive downtown, but instead take the bus. Because I? Am a smartypants!

What I didn’t count on is having to sit through the next four days of stories (and drunken texts!) about what everyone’s drinking down at the Holiday Ale Festival.


(I should also mention I picked up a six pack of Sierra Nevada Celebration from New Seasons last night, and boy howdy, that bastard’s got one hell of a hop kick and not in a fun, tasty kind of way. I think at least half of ’em are going to have a time-out in the cellar until next year)

(ETA: oddly enough, a lot of the kick-in-the-teeth hops are mitigated by not drinking the damn thing right out of the fridge.)

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