Do not touch my hair.

No, seriously. Do NOT touch my hair.

My hair is not here for you to pet. I am glad to hear it looks nice and soft today. But keep your ever-lovin’ grubby mitts off my hair.

Especially if you do not know me. I mean, seriously, what makes you think that because you are on the same bus as me, you have carte blanche to pet my hair? No, no way, nuh uh, knock it off, and dude? Totally creepy. Ugh. You’re the reason all the women on this bus wear hats.

And double especially if you do know me. Yes, pigtails are cute, but I do not want you to pull them and make a little “deet-deet-deet!” noise. And maybe my hair is pulled up in a french twist, but that doesn’t mean you need to touch the twist to reassure yourself that I haven’t cut all my hair off.

There are a few occasions where I will let you touch my hair. A very few occasions. And you need to ask first. So, in conclusion, DON’T TOUCH MY HAIR.

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