Why I Spend So Much Time at the Oregon Food Bank

Wednesday night (yes, the night before Thanksgiving) at 6pm I presented myself at the Oregon Food Bank to pack pasta into 2lb bags. Our shift packed 9600 lbs, which translates to 7384 meals, which divided by the number of volunteers means I packed 107 meals for my neighbors in Oregon. All the while rockin’ a sexy plastic apron and hairnet.

Front page of the Sunday NYT (which my new favorite blog, Obama Foodorama pointed out) opens with the cold, hard fact that 1 in 8 adults living in the US is on food stamps, and 1 in 4 children.

Two hours out of my month, and I fed 107 people.

Oh, yes, the link to the OFB volunteer signup page is right here. If you’re not in Oregon, find your local food bank here.

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