Critical Grammar Question

INGDirect, where I do my banking, has a thing where you send checks online. The memo field of the check is like, only 50 characters wide. I’m trying to figure out if I should be saying, “Because Starbucks are tools” or “Because Starbucks is a tool”.

Hm? Why, you ask? Oh, nothing really important. Starbucks has this little ad on Facebook right now, letting me know that if I buy one of their ‘hand-crafted beverages’ on World AIDS Day, December 1st, they will donate $0.05 to the Global Fund, earmarked for HIV treatment and education in Africa.

That’s right. A whole nickel.

So I decided that instead of paying five bucks for a crappy ‘coffee’ drink on December 1st, I’d send that five bucks to a charity working to treat people with HIV and prevent transmission of the disease my own self.

Ergo, my grammatical dilemma.

OH! I know! I’ll just put “Because Starbucks sucks.”

Succinct, to the point. Also? True.

Cascade AIDS Project
Episcopal Relief and Development: Health Fund

What are those links? Oh, you know, a couple of places I know do good work and wouldn’t mind an extra $5 headed their way. Just sayin’.

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