12 Names

Name: Roberta Gavou
Age: 35
Date of Death: November 24th 2008
Location of Death: Rome (Italy), in the street
Cause of Death: Stabbed to death
Source: http://www.sylviarivera.org

Name: N.N.
Age: 50
Date of Death: December 25th 2008
Location of Death: Rosate (MI), (Italy), in the street
Cause of Death: Beaten to death
Source: http://www.gaynews.it

Name: Aline da Silva Ribeira
Age: 24
Date of Death: January 16th 2009
Location of Death: Naples (Italy), in the street
Cause of Death: Strangled
Sources: http://www.sylviarivera.org & corrierealpi.gelocal.it

Name: Puttalakshmi’s (Hijra)
Age: 30
Date of Death: (shortly before) February 19th 2009
Location of Death: Bangalore (India)
Cause of Death: Thrown out of a moving vehicle
Source: Bangalore News, 19.02.2009

Name: Smail L.
Age: 36
Date of Death: March 24th 2009
Location of Death: Valencia (Spain)
Cause of Death: Beaten to death
Sources: ABC.es 25.03.2009 & Las Provincias 26.03.2009

Name: Image Devereux
Age: 34
Date of Death: April 14th 2009
Location of Death: Fayetteville (USA), in the street
Cause of Death: Not reported
Source: http://www.transgenderdor.org

Name: Ketlin
Age: 19
Date of Death: May 2009
Location of Death: Uruaçu (Brazil)
Cause of Death: Dismembered and beaten to death
Source: LGBTT-Blogspot, 03.07.2009

Name: Camilla
Age: 30
Date of Death: Before June 22nd 2009
Location of Death: Volgograd (Russia)
Cause of Death: Shot
Source: Spiegel Online 23.06.2009

Name: “Cesar” Torres
Age: 39
Date of Death: July 8th 2009
Location of Death: El Paso (USA), own apartment
Cause of Death: Beatings and severe injuries
Sources: El Paso Times, 11.07.2009, KDBC 4 News, Portugal.Gay 13.07.09

Name: Paulina Ibarra
Age: 24
Date of Death: August 28th 2009
Location of Death: Hollywood (USA), own apartment
Cause of Death: Stabbed to death
Source: ABC 7, 07.09.2009

Name: “Rusbel Antonio” Torres Jesús
Age: 30
Date of Death: September 21th 2009
Location of Death: Chimbote (Peru), in own liquor shop
Cause of death: Shot
Source: El Comercio 22.09.2009

Name: Monserrat (”Elder Noe”) Maradiaga
Age: Not reported
Date of Death: October 10th 2009
Location of Death: San Pedro Sula (Honduras)
Cause of Death: Run over by a car
Source: ElsentidoG.com 24.10.2009

Names taken from the international list of 169 transpersons reported as murdered in the last 12 months. The actual number is likely to be much, much higher.

November 20th is the International Transgender Day of Remembrance.

May the angels lead them into Paradise, may the holy martyrs receive them as they arrive and take them into the Holy City.

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  1. Vallie says:

    It just makes me sick to my stomach, people being so afraid that they have to kill someone who is different.

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