On Being The Comic Geek of a Portland Office

Portland, Oregon has become the mecca for comic artists in the last decade or so.

Or at least that’s what I’m told, my own tenure in the Rose City being of very recent vintage.

With Dark Horse calling our fair city home, and dozens of indie publishers around town (Minister Jade from Cellar Door Books is well worth seeking out, it’s in my regular read novel rotation), there are a lot of comics floating around. And when there are a lot of comics floating around, there are a lot of people who donate said comics to Goodwill and library book sales.

And sometimes, there’s coworkers who know you’re a comic geek and nab a couple long boxes that were destined for the recycle bin and drop a selection in your mailbox for you to see if you’ll like them.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got Green Lantern 119-130 on my desk. I have to, um, ‘work’ now.

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