Real life, or an imitation therof

There have been a significant uptick of geeky flail posts on this blog since I got back from my Great Tour of the Southwestern US in September.

You’re probably wondering why. Or you didn’t notice, which is also cool.

But here’s the deal– I work for a hospital. And this is what my life looks like:


This is not a graphic that means P A N I C, no matter what FoxMSCNN News tells you. It just means that there is a significant uptick in patients visiting clinics and hospitals. Even higher than those from last year this time.

Yeah, I’m not a doctor or a nurse and the only time I see patients is when they’re on the bus with me. But my job is to make sure that those doctors and nurses have everything they need to take care of those patients.

Look at that map again. Now, imagine that all 5,763 of the other hospitals in the United States have someone just like me, calling all three manufacturers of supply x, trying to get enough product to protect our doctors and nurses from the coughing, hacking patients. I find the challenge fun, exciting, adrenaline-filled and completely exhausting, and I’ve been booking a lot of overtime.

Which means really, no time to sit down and do a thot-provoking essay on my experiences in Arizona, or Texas, or my feelings on the Blazers after watching them trounce the Kings in preseason from section 117, or how awesome it is to help put the Oregon Food Bank Learning Garden to bed after a long season*.

And then, of course, is the fact that my current goal is to buy a house in the next 12 months, WHICH IS NOT ADDING TO THE STRESS AND EATING TIME AT ALL OMG WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING?

(What am I thinking? Usually something along the lines of this xkcd comic.)

So, if you all are so kind to put up with my random popping in to just flail about the neatest new nerd thing, I promise to start writing deeper, more meaningful posts after the flu season.

Which the CDC estimates will be in June.


*which involved myself and another woman digging a huge, muddy hole. TOO MUCH FUN!

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