How to request w00tstock to come to PDX

“What is w00tstock?” you ask. “I mean, it has to be nerdy ’cause Mary Sue is really really excited about it, but why should I be excited?”

Picture this: Paul and Storm (of DaVinci’s Notebook), Adam Savage (of Mythbusters), and Wil Wheaton (of next week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory), on stage, nerding it up for three hours. PLUS MYSTERY GUESTS!

“Wow, Mary Sue,” you’re telling yourself. “You’re right. That would be the kind of totally awesome show I would love to go to. But how would I tell these fine, fine gentlemen that we want to see them in PDX (or whatever other city that I live in that isn’t as awesome as Portland)?

By clicking on the button below, duh!

Demand w00tstock in Portland!
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