Words, words, words.

Harhar! I have brought culture into your lives by quoting Shakespeare in my blog title!

Okay, no, wait, don’t click away, this is really a ranting post, I promise not to teach you anything today. Except how to not piss me off and/or how to make me happy.

Words that, if you say in my presence, I am obligated to cut you
1. H1N1
2. Roman Polanski
3. tortured artist
4. 2012
5. “that’s what she said”
6. non-alcoholic beer
7. masks

Words that, if you say in my presence, will cause me to do a little dance and squeal with uncontrollable joy
1. Zombieland
2. Glee
3. free tequila
4. Cory Doctrow’s new novel, “Makers”
5. Greek Festival
6. NaNoWriMo
7. baaaby animals!
8. The Staffordshire Hoard

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