On Shoes and Action Films

Yes, this merits its own post because I thought of it again just now.

One of the best parts for me of the Transformers 2 film was Megan Fox’s character was wearing ridiculous pointy high heels.

“But, Mary Sue, don’t you only own flats?”

Yes. Except for my one pair of 1″ stacked heel boots. I didn’t like her ridiculous pointy high heels as great fashion accessories that I’m going to rush right out and buy.

I liked them because, as she’s running for her life from the library, you see them dangling from her hand.

Girlfriend took her stupid shoes off, the better to run for her life. This wasn’t no Pepper Potts running across the gratings under the arc reactor in six inch stilettos. This wasn’t no partygoer in Manhattan running across destroyed masonary littering the street courtesy of Clover, past people looting all sorts of stores and not stopping long enough to swap her strappy sandals for sneakers. This was what a smart woman would do.

Notice I didn’t say ‘take the stupid shoes off and leave them behind’, I said what a SMART woman would do.

Shoes are expensive, yo.

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