All I’m going to say about the “Whole Foods Boycott”

1) It was an op-ed. Key word: OPINION. Jeezy Creezy, unbunch your panties and get your First Amendment on.

2) I haven’t shopped at Whole Foods in years. Not for any phoney baloney liberal guilt reason, but because between my lower-than-national-average-for-the-position semi-public employee wage* and my student loan payments, I can’t afford it.

*Which is still ridiculously higher than the average ingome in the US, disgustingly higher than the average Oregon income, and obscenly, sinfully higher than the average income throughout the world.

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One Response to All I’m going to say about the “Whole Foods Boycott”

  1. WB says:

    To top it off, talk to any local family farmer and you will generally find a small-government, anti-tax libertarian who would consider John Mackey a flaming progressive liberal. Buying at a farmers market, you are supporting THOSE sorts of people.

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