GI Joe Review

It was pretty good, what with the kaboom and the chasing and the snark (the best acted* part of the entire film is Brendan Frasier gleefully talking smack in an uncredited cameo)…

…and then Smoochy McFaffypants, the romantic subplot, showed up.

Seriously, movie writer guys– no one was ever going to confuse this with a romantic, sensitive, politically correct film. Did you get two-thirds of the way through and realise “Shit! We forgot a plot! Well, maybe if we stick two romantic arcs on here, no one will notice!”

But boy, do things ‘splode pretty….

*I’ve started to divide movies into acted vs. rendered — the best rendered sequence in my ever so humble I’m on the Internet and therefore I’m right opinion is the Paris Streets chase.

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  1. KAte says:

    Yay ‘splodey!

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