Whinerbaby of the Week

And it’s only Tuesday!

Graduate suing university for not finding her a job in three months.

Puh-lease. Get back to me when you can’t find a job for three YEARS after graduation. And that was with a master’s degree.

Even better, she hasn’t retained a lawyer. That’s right, she’s representing herself.

I will agree that there is some false advertising in the collegiate game. After all, ‘everyone knows’ if you have a four year degree, you’ll get a ‘good’ job. The problem is unless you have done something to distinguish yourself in school (and Ms. Thompson, a 2.7 GPA is not distinguishing, I know, I had a 2.9 GPA in undergrad), you’re just one of the millions of beer-slamming monkeys wandering out with graduation cap in hand begging for jobs.

Welcome to the real world, Trina, where all your future employers will type your name into Google and find out you’re impatient and litigious.

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