Rude people make the Baby Jesus cry.

With the Portland weather doing a fairly good impression of July in the Central Valley of California, I felt like returning to my collegiate roots and drinking some Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

But some jagoff had decided to make a mix’n’match of the last six pack at Fred Meyers, leaving said six-pack short by two bottles.

Boo, hiss! Rude, bad people!

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One Response to Rude people make the Baby Jesus cry.

  1. the drummer to beat says:

    I chucked any sense of pride I had last week and got a twelve-pack of Corona. They were on sale for $13 at Freddie’s, and I had a couple convenient limes. I have to say, for beer I would never usually pay for, it was uncompromisingly satisfying during last week’s Let’s Experiment With Temperature period.

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