I’m just going to say it to say it.

I’m seeing all this “Team Edward” and “Team Jacob” shite with the ramp-up to the new Twilight movie. For those of you fortunate enough to live under a rock (is there room under there for me to move in?) Edward’s a vampire and Jacob’s a werewolf and Bella’s the third point in their little love triangle.

Every time I see one of these “Team” shirts or pins or icons, I think to myself… Who’s on Team Bella?

Oh, wait, that’s right, Bella’s a GIRL. She doesn’t get a team. She doesn’t get to choose.

She’s the prize.

And then I throw up a little in my mouth and order another copy of the Girls are Not Chicks Coloring Book to give away to any young lady I see toting or talking about Twilight.

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  1. KAte says:

    oh man, today’s XKCD is a tie in with you (and my) favorite ‘Grownups.’

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