Before this blog turns into a beernado

(that would be a tornado made of beer, and by the way? When I was first typing the headline I typed ‘beer’ instead of ‘blog’. TWICE.)

Middleman cast at SDCC read from the unaired final script. And even from the tiny description posted at io9, I laughed, I ‘aww!’d, I had to explain to my boss why I was laughing and ‘awww!’ing.

Seven hours until I begin my volunteer shift at the OBF. I’m wearing comfortable shoes and I have my camera and I have my 32oz water bottle ready to go and I even have a token left over from last year in my pocket. If you’re interested (and of course, you aren’t, you’re probably over at io9 right now laughing and aww!ing) here’s my spreadsheet. Because this is srs bizness, yo.

(Also? It’s my blog so I can say what I want and what I want to say right now is that the only time I ever hear the phrase ‘playing the race card’ is from white people who really mean ‘sit down and shut up you person of color, your opinion doesn’t matter’.)

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