DO I even need to tell you what’s happening this weekend?

O. B. F.

It’s that time! I’ve got my Excel spreadsheet out and I’m debating ponying up the extra $20 for the Buzz Tent admission, because the list on that one sounds interesting. I’m not sure about the Russian Roulette nature of the taps in the Buzz Tent, though with the admission capped at 1000 people per day, it can’t be any worse than the Russian Roulette nature of the 20,000 people all queuing up for the regular taps.

As in previous years, I will be volunteering, more than likely in the Token Sales areas. Unlike previous years, I will be handing out tokens for beer bliss on Friday from 4-close, so if you spot me in the madhouse, say hi! I’ll be back at rope drop* on Saturday to enjoy the Fest as a civilian.


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