Another Example Why I Should Not Be Let Out Alone

Riding in my chauffered vehicle bus down 6th, I see signs of film production. You know, lights, large big rigs, perky young women in baseball caps with their blonde ponytails sticking out the back running around looking VRY SRS. I get a sick feeling in my gut, because there’s only one production in town, and it’s the one guaranteed to make me make a damnfool out of myself.

Sure enough, I’m plastered to the window, trying to see if I recognize anyone as we blow past at 25mph, and at the top of my lungs I shout, “HOLY SHIT THAT’S DEAN DEVLIN!

And everyone looks at me and then pointedly looks away.

And I hung my head in shame and stumbled quickly off and went to my next stop before I recognized someone else and lost even more of my v. v. tattered dignity.

So, y’all are watching Leverage, right? Oh, don’t worry if you don’t get TNT, here’s the link for the free viewing at their webpage.

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