Four beer reviews

Spent a goodly amount of time at East Burn tonight, migrating from the bar, to a booth, to the neat little cushy hangout room thingie. In that time, I had a chance to sample four of the beers they have on tap right now:

Lagunitas “A Little Sumthin’ Sumthin'” – Usually in Oregon ales like this, the hops jump down your throat and kick your tonsils to shreds. This one? It reaches down, grabs ahold, and shakes you a bit, then pats you on the cheek like it was only just kidding.

Deschutes “Black Butte XXI” – Do you like coffee? Do you like porters? Do you like drinking 11%ers out of a tulip glass? This bad boy’s for you.

Upright Brewing “#7” – Definately a Belgian style. Definately good on a hot day. Definately not something I’d drink again if there was something else I like on the menu.

Hemp Beer – I have no idea which brewery this was from, because by this time I was loud and the waitress was itchy to get us to check out since we were nearing the 5 hour mark. But boy, do I wish I’d started with this one. It was— um, good? Really good? I liked it? Much darker than I expected, that’s for sure, and it drank more like a red than anything else.

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