Lazy Post!

Go see my photos of the Mississippi Street Fair here!

It includes dueling photo booths, dreadlocks and electrical tape, fruity drinks in coconuts, and other fun times!

But I do have to post here the photos of the Black Rose Collective folks bashing up furniture with axes.


Also swing by Heather’s new venture, Crafty Smackdown to look at the awesome logo. And then bookmark it and go visit again later.

(I should also probably plug Dave’s blog while I’m at it. Because I saw Heather and Dave! In the real life! Yes, there are actual people on the Internet! You are not all my imaginary friends, no matter what my Coworker says!)

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One Response to Lazy Post!

  1. Heather says:

    Great to meet you! It’s funny how blogs have REAL PEOPLE attached to them! Crazy!

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