Why we don’t mess around with latex allergies


That would be where I had a band-aid on my stomach.

For one hour.


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4 Responses to Why we don’t mess around with latex allergies

  1. TheStormCellar says:

    Ayup. I get that with bandaids, too. Itches like CRAZY as well! *pets*

  2. Henry Troup says:

    If your reaction is like mine, it will now be two or three weeks to fade away. You have my sympathies.

    I find J&J’s hypoallergenic tape works for me, and 3M NexCare or whatever they’ve renamed it to.

  3. Same here.
    Only for me it isn’t the latex, its the adhesive.

  4. yay says:

    Ooh ooh ooh that reminds me of a doctor who was into spinal manipulation… particularly the lower end of the spine…. via… er… orifices in that region. After an incident, I believe that he now checks if patients are allergic to latex before commencing the manipulation.

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