Stuff I watched this week

Devdas (DVD) – Three hour Bollywood extravaganza, about two star-crossed lovers and there’s singing and dancing and then everything goes to pot. A+ will watch again, which is a good thing, since I bought the DVD.

The Ramen Girl (Netflix Watch Instantly) – Brittany Murphy is a clueless blonde in Tokyo who decides she wants to learn to cook Ramen. Hijinks ensue. It’s an absolutely fantastic comedy.

Live Free or Die Hard (DVD) – I had a need for gross property damage. This fit the bill.

NCIS Season 6 (Netflix Watch Instantly) – I missed the last half of the season on the TV, so this was a chance to catch up. This season was available on Netflix within a week of it airing, but I’m lazy. And boy, did the season end with a bang. I also enjoyed the two eps that were the lead-in for the new spinoff show, NCIS: Los Angeles.

Neverwhere (Netflix Watch Instantly) – I love the book, but man is the miniseries even better!

Doom (Netflix DVD) – What? I like things go boom!

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One Response to Stuff I watched this week

  1. Aros says:

    Doom was a better video game than a movie.

    “Chex Quest” would make a very interesting movie.

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