On Being a Girl in a Geek World

I love Penny Arcade. Matter of fact, I’m collecting application materials for the job they’ve posted, which I ACTUALLY have professional qualifications for. Yes! I can manage a supply chain and provide excellent customer service! I need to work on my pencil grip, and, well, you know, I can’t play WoW because it would take away from valuable Kingdom of Loathing time… but it can’t hurt to apply, right?

On Wednesday, they posted The Lookouts, and my heart soared. I wanted to see more of this world. And like most geeks, I wanted to see more of it because I want to be a part of it. I want to walk the Eyrewood from top to toe, I want to die in the forest*, I want to be a Lookout!

I kept refreshing the news post, because sometimes they’ll put up a wallpaper. But before they put up a wallpaper, there was the post, “What about the girls?”

I hadn’t even thought that there was a seperate organization for girls. Suddenly, I was back in fourth grade and while the Boy Scouts were having model car races and whittling with REAL KNIVES and learning to make fire with flint, I was sewing a butt cushion and baking cookies, worrying about flashing everyone my knickers when I was sitting in a SKIRT (fercryingoutloud), wishing I was outside having adventures.

And it hurt, just as much as when I was eight years old. I’m not allowed to have adventures, because I’m a GIIIIIRL.

This attitude has reached into my adult life. When I walk into a new comic shop, I’m on the defensive. Will they treat me like a customer with good money to spend, or will they dismiss me because I have boobs? Am I going to be talked down to when I mention I like TNG better than TOS? Am I going to hear, yet again, “Well, I never really thought of you as a female” or “You’re not really a girl” when I call a ‘friend’ on sexist talk?

This morning, I saw Gabe had posted a picture of one of the Daughters of the Eyrewood, and it soothes me somewhat. The uniform isn’t much different (except there’s a skirt, what damnfool is going to go hiking over hill and dale in a skirt?!), but I tell you one thing:

Girl better have a fuckin’ dagger in her stupid little purse. There are basilisks out there in the Eyrewood!

*But, you know, not anytime soon…

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