List of Beers for Wil To Try

So, yes, I just posted the huge On Being a Girl in a Geek World post, which you should read, but this is also important: WIL WHEATON! LEVERAGE! NEXT WEEK! EEEHEEEHEEEEE! *dies*

As some of you may remember, Leverage is filming in PDX (and I’m staying far away because it’s by far the best thing on TV right now, I love the show, every time I see one of the yellow Leverage signs I go all fangirl and spill squee all over myself, and I have a v. small shred of dignity left and I’d like to not embarrass myself in front of people whose work I respect and enjoy).

ANYWAY– Wil likes beer. So Portland people! We need to come up with a list of beer for Wil to try. I know he likes Guinness and Arrogant Bastard and Sierra Nevada (let me make a shout out to my alma mater, CHICO STATE, go Wildcats!), so here’s off the top of my head:

1) New Old Lompoc C-Note IPA
2) Hopworks Urban Brewing Survival Stout
3) Mcmenamin’s Black Rabbit Porter (dude, don’t give me the “boo hoo Mcmenamins is not all that great”, he *drinks Guinness*, it’ll blow his socks off)
4) Terminal Gravity IPA
5) Double Mountain IRA (oh, by the way, I tried this at East Burn last week, it’s fantastic. And their burger is by far the best I’ve had in Portland)
6) Rogue Hazelnut Brown Ale

Anyone want to add something? You know where the comment box is.

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