Thoughts as I travel the new Portland Bus Mall

–Dear God, it’s early.

–Uh oh, native Californian dislike of film crews kicking in. Grumble, mumble.

–Wait, did that sign say Leverage? OMGOMGOMGSQUEE!11!!1!eleventy!

–And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I am totally staying away from production. I have a small shred of dignity. V. v. small.

–Anyone I recognize around (v. v. small shred of dignity)? No, but then again it is 6.45am and if I was Rogers et. al., I’d be staying at a hotel downtown and sleeping in. And I’m obviously not Rogers et. al. since I’m going to be standing at this bus stop for another 20 minutes, thus to enjoy another 20 minute bus ride to my warehouse.

–Dear Lord, it’s too early in the morning for protestors. Even ones protesting the Trimet cuts.

–Hm? Newspaper headline “Latina poised to make history”. Well, hot damn, latinas representin’ in the m’fin’ SUPREME COURT, YO! And this was not a thought at the bus mall, but I wanted to link to the actual article from the Oregonian (here, but it wasn’t on the main page. So I searched ‘latina’, and you want to know what appeared first? This article from March about a DV shelter. Ah, well. I was starting to feel a little left out. I mean, sure, there was plenty of sexisim when Hillary was running, and there’s a whole ton of racisim since Barack showed his face on national TV at the 2004 Democrat National Convention. I was thinking to myself, I was thinking “You know, I haven’t heard any really shitty jokes about latina women lately.” But I’m sure they’ll be flying fast and furious now, huh?

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