Consumerist reminds us to always, always comparison shop. I’ve noticed that Target is egregious about charging the same price for different sizes of essentially the same product, but I’ve seen it other places.

And as a commenter points out, companies feel a-ok with charging more for the same product as long as they slap the label ‘face’ on it. That is, also, a trap. As long as your lotion isn’t full of fragrances and acids* and wierd chemicals, it can go on your face and your legs.

Not to sound like a cheesy song cribbed from a graduation speech, but it is summer, and you need to always, always wear sunscreen.

*A lot of ultra-healing super-dry skin lotions have acids, so be CAREFUL. That is not the kind of thing you want near your eyes, yo.

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  1. LB says:

    Thanks for the Consumerist love! 🙂

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