Review: Terminator 4 sucks.

Let me tell you about Terminator 4.

Oh, yeah, I can’t. Despite having gotten my pass to a preview screening three weeks ago through an online service called that made me cough up a bunch of personal information.

I got there an hour early, and stood in line. When they ran down the line at about 6:20pm for the 7pm show and counted heads, I was person 274.

As it got closer to go time, I got a little antsy. There were obvious studio flacks wandering the line, and they were letting people cut in line. There was also some kid running up and down the line shouting, “Who needs passes?” and waving a handful of xeroxed square flyers.

At 6:35, the line started moving. At 6:50, when I was 30 people from the door, they announced the theater was full.

Now, I may be dyscalcic, but that means that the Warner Brothers PR flacks let about 120 people cut in line. And I’m not talking the fools with blue flyers who got the special treatment, I’m talking OMG hiiii! How are you? Can we cut? OMG THX!

So I went to the nearest Warner Brothers person and asked “What about us?”

“I’mrealsorry,” she said with no pauses, in a rush, obviously wanting to get the angry mob– I mean, potential viewers out of the way. “Thereweretoomanypasses.” Something flashed in her PR brain, and she added, “IfIcouldIwouldletyouallinbutI’msorry.”

“So, the kid who was handing out flyers…” I started to say.

She interrupted me. Her voice had that None of this bullshit tone I know well. It’s the tone I use on vendors. “He was not affiliated with Warner Brothers, and you need to take it up with him.”

And before I could point out that I, indeed, had coughed up personal information to and not taken some dirty flyer off the street (what kind of person do you think I am!?)—

—she turned her back on me and walked away.

So, yes. I would have loved to tell you all about the movie. But I didn’t get in. Therefore, Terminator 4 sucks and Warner Brothers PR sucks.

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2 Responses to Review: Terminator 4 sucks.

  1. Michael says:

    We had a similar instance happen to us just now in Santa Clara. We got there at 6:00, a full hour and a half before the showing. I counted and there were 150 people ahead of us. During the next hour and a half, the line in front of us almost tripled and we got turned away with only 5 people in line in front of us. Gofobo, or whoever was organizing this thing really sucked. They were not policing the line and tons of people were cutting in front of us. Barely anyone else was behind us for the hour and a half before they let people in, maybe only 30 people ended up behind us….all the rest were in front. I am disappointed with whoever Warner Brothers hired to promote this event, they did a horrible job. As soon as I got home, I typed in Gofobo sucks into Google and this was the first hit, so I would like to add my additional opinion of “gofobo sucks” also.

    -Annoyed Viewer in California

    P.S. Gofobo, Warner Brothers, And Terminator Salvation promoters suck

  2. Rose says:

    We had the same problem. Only we got there 1.5 hrs early and there were maybe 150 people in line total. 400 seats total. Closer to the 7:30 showing time at our theater, the line had “bloated” as well. We were ~5 people away from getting in. That means our line grew by ~250 seats in front of us. Not to mention the over hour drive to get there (ok so we are a little crazy, but we were able to work out getting there at a decent time)

    No crazy man in our line handing out free flyers, but seriously! I understand overbooking the theater, but they seriously need to give numbers or something to be fair to those of us there in plenty of time before the bloat. All I can say is that it was horribly managed/organized!

    Well that and, we did talk to the guy who apologized and agreed the line did bloat out. He said they ID’d & kicked a bunch of people out near the front of the line… BUT we saw them just taking the passes without even looking at them. GRRRRrrr to them for wasting hours of my life (unfairly!)! I don’t think I will ever try them out again unless they get their acts together.

    Thanks for the post. You are not alone.

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