I read Shatnerquake this morning.

You remember Shatnerquake? The book by Jeff Burk I was super excited to order because I love Shatner so much? Okay, I love him like an uncle who sometimes does embarrassing things in public but he’s your uncle, you gotta love him.

Anyway. Book. I wrote a scathing review at Powell’s, but here’s the last few lines just so you get an idea of exactly how I felt:

I like cheesy actors, otherwise I wouldn’t have picked up a book that touted not only multiple William Shatners, but a cult dedicated to Bruce Campbell. But this book is like buying vegan rice cheddar cheese instead of the Kraft slices; it may be the same bright orange color, but it smells funny and doesn’t melt.

I didn’t include this in the Powell’s review, but on the SECOND PAGE (oh, wait, sorry, it’s numbered page 12), they fucked up ‘altar’, using ‘alter’ instead. That was just the beginning of the bad grammar Olympics, though. The capstone was on page 77, eight pages from the end of the story, where this gem appeared:

Every millisecond that passed, Shatner’s memory double, but it was all the same info.

Oh Eraserhead Press! Do you even have an editor, or do you employ Microsoft’s spell check for those duties? Considering Shatnerquake STILL doesn’t appear on your web page, it appears you’re too busy employing your finger for some nostril mining.

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