Oregon Food Bank Eastside Learning Garden

Or, how I spent my Saturday Morning.

Oregon Food Bank Eastside Learning Garden is right past DEQ on NE 33rd. I arrived a little after the 9am shift start time, and was greeted by Rebecca, who is the garden coordinator. She had the group of us (about 12 people) introduce ourselves, and she went over the tasks for the day, which included weeding, thinning spinach or beets, doing ‘chicken chores’ and cleaning the chook coop, and hauling potting soil.


Why did I volunteer to do weeding and thinning? Well, I could say something noble like, “I wanted to be able to help feed people in my neighborhood” or “I give money to the OFB, and now I’m giving time.”

Nah. You people know me too well. My thoughts were “DIRT! BUGS! MUD! DIRT! I’M GONNA PLAY IN THE DIRT!”

And I did, and I got absolutely filthy. It was AWESOME. The chooks were funny, too. I’m not terribly fond of chooks, but when I was weeding, they were coming over and scratching at the holes I was making and noming all the bugs and worms and such. I pulled up a huge clump of milkweed, and about 7-8 centipedes ran out. I jumped back out of range, and all three of the chooks dove in and snapped the accursed things up. Yay chooks!

There are more pictures on my Facebook. But I wanted to share this one, of our beet greens being weighed.


That is two pounds of beet greens, which added to the thinned spinach means we harvested 16 pounds of fresh produce for people in Oregon today. It felt good knowing that all of us volunteers are directly responsible for feeding our neighbors.

It also felt really, really good taking a shower when I got home.

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