Speedy Chocolate-Splattered Graham Crackers

What takes seven minutes and cures my chocolate craving with stuff I had in the pantry?

Chocolate-Splattered Graham Crackers!

Oh, yeah, sure, I could have dirtied a bowl and spent a lot more time hand-dipping them and making them pretty— WANT CHOCOLATE! WANT CRUNCHY! WANT NOW!


1) Break up some graham crackers. Don’t have to be pretty. Place on microwave-safe plate.

2) Put chocolate chips on them.

3) Stick plate in microwave. Nuke in bursts of 30 seconds until they’re glossy and melty, but beware that some of the graham crackers might burn! Take a butter knife and smush each chip. Let cool for at least a minute before nom.


You know what would have made this faster? A BLOWTORCH!

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