Netflix Watch Instantly

Since I’ve been stuck on my butt for the last few days, I’ve been devouring movies out of the Netflix Watch Instantly. I went through all the shoot-em-ups, the zombies, the vampires, the animated films, and then I started watching documentaries.

Small Town Gay Bar is about two bars in rural, and we are talkin’ back woods Mississippi. The nearest safety, other than these two tiny bars, is a two hour drive away in a city. It’s a story about community and finding a place to be yourself.

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill I clicked on mostly because I vaugely remembered hearing about the wild parrots in San Francisco when I was younger. I think Herb Caen talked about them. It’s really a story about Mark Bittner, who spent several years caring for and studying the birds. And yes, goddamn it, I cried at the very end of the film, the last line of dialog. Shut up, I am not a girl.

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