Ladies and Gentlemen,

May I present to you….


HT to Book of Joe.

(The sad part is, I would probably buy Coffee flavored floss. And use it.)

Also, remember when I said I was going to do something esoteric with a sweet potato? Apparently when I say ‘esoteric’, I mean ‘nuke for seven minutes, mash with butter and parmesan’.

Also also? There was a foodblogger meetup down in Australia sponsored by the local IKEA, and it made me wistful for my time in the yellow shirt, where about a third of my meals a week came from the Staff Caf. IKEA being, well, IKEA, you can get most of those same foods at the store near you. I’ll probably be heading out to the Big Blue Box here soon for a grocery run. Please note that at least in PDX, the Princess Cakes are rarely in stock. People seriously will buy the entire shipment at once.

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