This makes me giggle.

I haven’t said anything much on here about the Avatar: The Last Airbender thing because, well, not my fandom.

Here’s the lowdown: the cartoon is about Asian and Inuit people beating the snot out of each other with Asian martial arts. WOAH-PAH!

Hollywood decides to make it a live-action film. And casts all white actors.

That would be where the shit hit the fan.

So Hollywood recast one of the four main characters with an asian actor. Guess which character? Go on, GUESS!

If you said that the villan was recast as an Asian actor, you WIN! YAY! Now three white people will be beating up on the Asian, thereby making this, um, pretty much every action movie out of Hollywood that doesn’t star Jackie Chan.

Fandom being fandom, there are protest sites and protest t-shirts. HT to BoingBoing, who pointed out this Livejournal post by the person who runs one of the main protest sites.


Wow. OH WOW. All but one of the products on my Zazzle store has been removed because “it contained content in violation of Viacom’s intellectual property rights”. This means not just images (all of which were drawn by me), but also WORDS.

Several of the products are now back up. With the notable addition of cheery red letters stating, “Censored by Viacom”.

I would totally buy one, but I’m actually trying to reduce my t-shirts at the moment.

ETA: HT to Dave, who points to the posters for Star Wars Days at Disneyworld. This one’s my favorite.


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