Powell’s Win! Amazon Fail!

#amazonfail is explained and discussedhere. Short version?

Sunday, news broke that Amazon.com had begun marking certain titles as “adult” — mostly gay- and lesbian-themed books (including “Heather Has Two Mommies,” for pete’s sake!), as well as some about feminism or sex and disability — thus stripping them of their sales rankings, making them both more difficult to find in a search and less likely to pick up sales from automatically generated links throughout the site. Authors who were affected went (rightfully) apeshit on blogs, Facebook and Twitter — #amazonfail has been the top-trending hashtag for nearly a day now — and Amazon’s only response was to call the whole mess a “glitch.”

In that article, also, is the link to the Powell’s Bookstore Twitter feed, with the following twit* from Sunday night:

@zentinal A GLBT sale sounds like a great idea to me. I will check to see if this is something we can get going

Oh, Powells. I love you so. I want to have your many book-y babies.

Actually, considering my bedroom floor is pretty much carpeted in books from Powells, I believe I’ve already succeeded. NEED MOAR BOOKS! MANY, MANY BOOKS!

*I maintain the plural is tweet, the singular is twit.

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