I have invented something new.

I like to call it “Abject Fail Mochi”.

I started to make this daifuku recipe, with strawberries. Fail began when I thought powdered sugar would be a good sub for corn starch.

Powdered sugar trapped between moist, hot dough and cutting board becomes sugar syrup. Yes, I made mochi EVEN STICKIER. Because I am that brand of awesome (the Original Mary Sue, accept no substitutes).

Then I went for plain ol’ baked mochi, in the style of this stuff.

I didn’t grease the baking pan. Remember before where I managed to make mochi dough even stickier? Yeah. That didn’t help.

Abject Failure Mochi is currently sitting on the counter. I’m figuring the power sander will get it off the baking sheet tout suite, nu?

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