Answering some of the Google Search Term Questions

These are things that brought people to my blog this week.

type of lunch aids person can eat

Uh, the kind with food in it?

best places to dine alone in napa

Anywhere you damn well please. Although I like Taqueria Rosita and Uva Trattoria.

why does mold grow on fruit if left out

Because you failed biology class.

is haagen-dazs still making sticky toffee

Not that I know of. Which isn’t too big of a loss.

where to eat brunch in portland, or

Sckavones. Zells. Pine State. Cameo Cafe. Equinox.

fat woman eat “whole chicken”

What? I mean, I might be able to, if I haven’t eaten anything else all day and you give me a couple hours, but I don’t like chicken that much. And does this include the bones, because me and the Surgeon General both don’t recommend that practice.

i eat bread every day

Um, okay. Thanks for sharing.

words to describe eat

Now you’re just confusing me.

watch kings nbc

Good idea. I fully support it.

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