Pine State Biscuits poised to become even more crowded.

I stopped by Pine State this morning for breakfast ’cause it was before 9am and I wanted something fast (if it was after 9, I would have gone to Burgerville because the line at Pine State would have made the wait redonk). At 8.40am, one of the three tables was empty!

But as I waited for my delicious biscuit with sausage and cheese, I noticed some fugly spraypainted stuff on the wall by the bathroom. Part of it was a Food Network logo. It took me a minute to translate the graffiti-font which read “Guy Ate Here”.

Guy Fierei, nee Guy Ramsey Ferry, also known as that loud guy who frequently has orgasms on TV in restaurant kitchens.

I don’t like him. Can you tell?

There was an autograph under the spraypaint with “3/09”. You know as soon as that segment airs, there is going to be a frickin’ line three times around the block. If you haven’t gotten around to visiting 37th and Belmont between the hours of 7am and 2pm any day of the week for your biscuit lovin’, do it soon, yo.

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