The best sentence to ever be printed in a comic

New girl! What are you titting around with down there?

So says I. And I’m Mary Sue, so you know I’m right.

From the latest episode of Freakangels, so go read it or else Internet Jesus will… stop cussing and being generally awesome or something, I dunno, I’m making empty threats.

(One of the highlights of the last five years for me was when I commented on Warren Ellis’ Livejournal and he told me to get off his lap. Yes, that’s up there with my friends S and T’s new baby boy, who’s all of 20 hours old.)

(Babies are awesome. Warren Ellis is awesome.)

(Warren Ellis is not allowed near S and T’s baby, though. Because smell is the biggest trigger of memories there is, and if anyone’s going to be related in the kid’s memory to alcohol fumes and smoke, that’s Tantie Mary Sue, yo.)

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